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Isérables is a municipality situated in the small alpine valley of the Faraz, which extends all the way from the Rhone valley right up to the Champs Ferret at an altitude of almost 2750m.  Literally stuck to the steep slopes like a limpet to a rock, the village of Isérables is home to a population of just over 800 people and its name comes from “érable”, the French word for maple, a sturdy tree which grows extensively in the area.

Summer 2023 Events

  • Summer 2023 Events
  • Monday 31st July        National Day Celebrations
  • Saturday 5th August    Tour des Stations
  • Saturday 19th August  Fête of the “maple tree”

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Cable car Riddes - Isérables

Isérables Museum


At the Isérables museum, the main theme is how to adapt to living on such a slope and is home to a unique collection of historic documents, objects, and furniture, as well as the tools telling the story of the strong and rich heritage of Isérables. Two other characteristics of Isérables are also highlighted: the richness of the wheat and the symbol of the cradle.

Maple Tree Trail


“The Maple Tree Trail” is made up of 3 trails. One takes you through apricot groves and offers an incomparable view of the Rhone plain. The second, more sheltered takes you through the forest near La Faraz and past the Relais des Érables, the communal canopy. There are several picnic spots along the way. The third follows the historic path linking Riddes to Isérables.

Approximately 1h15 per trail

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Balavaud Larch Trees


The alpine pastures of Balavaud is home to more than 250 larch trees. These trees are hundreds of years old, give the feeling of strength and serenity.  Amongst them is the most imposing larch in Europe, nicknamed the “King of Balavaux” which has a circumference of 11.8m.  Don’t hesitate to go and admire him!

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