Découverte du Vallon D'arbi en étéVallon D'arbi La Tzoumaz été
©Vallon D'Arbi à La Tzoumaz en été

Vallon d’Arbi

In the centre of Vallon d’Arbi – or Chassoure – the Fare has carved out its channel, flowing from Lac des Vaux and Lac Rogneux to the plain where it meets the Rhône. This is also where the historic Saxon Bisse begins. Many animals have taken up residence on its sides, making it a very popular destination for hikers in search of unusual encounters. Especially in autumn, you can hear the famous deer’s call echoing in the heart of this unspoiled nature. Whichever route you choose – the Small or Grand tour of Vallon d’Arbi, Sentier du Fou or Grand tour of Lac des Vaux – you’re sure to find something to inspire you.


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