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Les Frères Brigands

Track game

What’s all this?

Les Frères Brigands invites you to discover a world of interactive, self-guided adventures, offering a unique outdoor experience. Each route takes you on a captivating exploration of a region’s cultural and natural heritage, revealing little-known tourist treasures.

In small groups, equipped with your kit and mobile app, get ready for adventure. Follow the itinerary step by step, solving a variety of riddles to reach your final destination together. Your success will depend on team cohesion, keen observation and collective thinking.

The kits are designed for groups of 1 to 5 people, and can be ordered online or directly from the Tourist Office. If you are a larger group, we recommend that you purchase an additional kit to ensure that everyone can participate.

Investigation at La Tzoumaz

On this early morning in 1913, after a hectic Bingo, you wake up at the entrance to the village.
As keeper of the Grand Bisse de Saxon, you immediately perceive the unusual silence of the hammer indicating the flow of water.
Negligence, rockfall or sabotage? You must act quickly to repair the bisse and prevent the villagers from suffering from lack of water!


CircuitBy foot
Distance6 km
Duration3 hours
Ascent+ 285 m / -285m
Start & finishRue Centrale à La Tzoumaz
Age8 to 77
AccessCar, public transport
Season3 seasons + winter if conditions are mild
EquipementAdapted to weather conditions